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Dear Groupon Customer,

Congratulations, you have purchased or hopefully are about to purchase an adrenaline infused experience that you will never forget.  The thrill of riding shotgun in a NASCAR style racecar is second to none… actually it is second to one thing that’s getting behind the wheel to drive it yourself for 12 thrilling laps!

We have put together a brief introduction followed by FAQ’s and directions to each of the tracks for you.  We’ve done our best to cover everything here for you so please read on to learn everything that’s included with your Drivetech Racing Experience through Groupon.  Drivetech Racing School is one of the only racing experiences that will allow you to race with each other on great race tracks around the country at speeds of up to 150mph!!  

If you choose to ride with one of our race proven instructors you will experience all this just a couple of feet from the wall and other racecars, HOLD ON!!

For those choosing to drive, the Drivetech Racing School format is unique, here are some brief bullet points on what you can expect with a Drivetech Racing Package.

  • Classes run every hour on the hour, starting at 8am and continue throughout the day.  Arrive at the track for check-in where you will be fitted for a Firesuit and Helmet.  We would recommend that you arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your class time so that you can get all checked in and be ready as your class will start promptly at the top of the hour.
  • Van tour of the race track with your instructor to see the proper line around the racetrack followed by 45 minute classroom instruction. (No instruction is required if you choose to ride, you will arrive be suited up and get ready to hold on!!)
  • Drivers are brought to pit road where they will have racecars assigned and will go out on track in groups of 6-8.  You’ll get buckled in, your in-car radio checked and then it is time. Your heart races, the adrenaline starts flowing and you hear the command, START YOUR ENGINES!!

  • 4 Warm-up laps where passing procedures are covered and the racing line is reviewed. (Passing is allowed and encouraged at Drivetech, but it is done in a controlled and safe manner which will be reviewed with your instructor prior to going on track.)
  • GREEN, GREEN, GREEN!!!  It’s time to open it up and let it loose as you hear those words from your spotter and see the flag man throw the green flag!!
    At least eight laps of green flag racing with each session on track.
  • Get debriefed, pick up your completion certificate take a look at photos and DVD. (both available at additional cost)
  • Look at the world in a whole new way after experiencing the incredible thrill and performance of driving a NASCAR style racecar!!!

We will be using Big Box Events for redemption of your Groupon beginning
Monday morning at 9am:

For those redeeming a drive you will go to:
For those redeeming a Ride-Along you will go to

For this Groupon offer we are using three great race tracks in the Chicago and
greater Mid-West area. CHICAGOLAND DIRECTIONS- pdf file

Chicagoland Speedway  is a nice fast 1.5 mile oval in Joliet, IL, with sweeping corners and a dogleg on the front stretch the cars handle very well there and the track is smooth and fast.  REAL FAST!!

The Milwaukee Mile just outside of Milwaukee in West Allis, WI is a fantastic facility as well.  This 1 mile oval has wide corners and transitions well from the corner to the straight away this will have you really feeling the thrill of the power of the racecar as the car rockets up off of the corner. MILWAUKEE MILE DIRECTIONS- pdf file

For pure speed you can’t beat Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI.  MIS is a 2 mile oval this track is one of the widest and fastest racetracks that NASCAR  races on and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to find the fastest line around this awesome racetrack.


*Do I need any race experience?
No.  The only thing required is a valid drivers license and the need for speed and the desire to drive a REAL NASCAR or ASA Southwest Tour Late Model racecar.
*What types of cars are available?
Fast ones! NASCAR Nextel Cup cars including Chevrolet Monte Carlos, Pontiac Grand Prix, Ford Taurus, Dodge Charger, and ASA Southwest Tour Late Model cars.
*Do I have to drive a standard transmission?
No, we do have some specialty built automatic cars that thousands of people have driven with no standard transmission experience.
*Are they real racecars?
You bet! They’ve all been raced in competition. (Including one that sat on the front row at Daytona!)
*How FAST will I go?
Real Fast! Every student and track is different, but we encourage you to drive the cars near race speeds. At our bigger tracks like Chicago and Michigan you will hit speeds of close to 150mph.
*Do I have to follow a pace car?
NO!! We are one of the only driving experiences that do not require you to follow a pace car. You will start with practice and drill laps behind a lead car and then you’ll set your own pace including passing.
*Do I need to bring anything?
No, we provide everything. You should dress comfortably and as light as possible with a T-shirt and if it is warm shorts, everything needs to fit under the driving suit comfortably. Sneakers or some other low profile closed to shoe. (NO BOOTS) Friends and family, cameras and video cameras are encouraged. 
*Do I need a reservation?
Yes, programs are scheduled in advance.
*How old do I have to be?
You must be 18 yrs old and have a valid driver’s license to drive and passengers for ride-alongs must be 10 yrs old or older.
*Do you offer photography or video?
Yes, we offer in-car videos and professional digital photography to remember your day at the track.  There is an additional charge for these options.
*What if it rains?
We will reschedule you at no cost, but no refunds will be given.
*What if I wreck?
You are responsible for your health insurance. An insurance policy is available for $60.00 for damage to the racecar, subject to a $1000.00 deductible. Due to the quality of the training and cars, damage is rare.
*What if I can’t make it?
Outside of 31 days of your driving date there is a $50.00 rescheduling fee.  Within 30 days, the rescheduling fee is 50% of your class tuition.  No cancellations are allowed within 7 days of your driving date. NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON.  Prices subject to change without notice.